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Learn Online Reputation Management, Digital PR, Personal Branding, and more to build, manage and promote a positive brand image with our ORM course online.

5,325 students | 104 reviews | 4.6
5,325 students | 4.6

3,000 1,999Enroll Now

About The Course

The ORM course is filled with interesting animations, applied examples, and industry tips that make it suitable for any students from any part of the world. Be sure to have a notepad ready while studying the ORM course online. Note down all the tips and advice provided in this online reputation management course and actively start using your online reputation to earn more money for your offline business!
  • Digital Marketers &  SEO Beginners & Experts
  • Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, & Communications Professionals
  • Individuals looking to build an online presence
  • Businesses affected by negative reviews
  • Business Owners & Professionals looking to leverage their positive reputation
  • Startup Owners or Brand managers of small, mid and large companies
  • Students looking for examples of how brands have made the most of ORM
  • Online Reputation Manager
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Digital Public Relations
  • Access to the brand’s social media handles to be able to implement the learnings
  • Laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet
  • Good internet connection
  • No prior Digital Marketing knowledge necessary

Take Control Of Your Online Reputation

About The Instructor

Aaryendr Rajpurohit is a Digital Marketing Trainer, Coach and Consultant with more than 5 years of training and experience under his belt. He has been a visiting faculty at multiple premier institutes, universities, and colleges across India, and has conducted training for more than 5,000 individuals, professionals, and small and medium businesses. After completing his training at Facebook and Amazon, Aaryendr is well-equipped to teach this ORM course online.
Reputation Management Course Online Instructor - Aaryendr Rajpurohit


3,000 1,999Enroll Now


What this Course Includes

What the course includes:

Stand Apart with IIDE’s Certificate

Add it to your wall of fame or share with your LinkedIn connections — IIDE’s certificate serves as a testament to the knowledge and skills you have gained.

Ratings & Reviews

104 Reviews | 4.6 Average Rating

5 Star
4 Star
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Guaranteed Outcome

Online Reputation Management and Marketing involve taking control of your activity on social networks, interactions with web users and reviews shared by customers. This ORM course covers online reputation management and marketing, digital PR and brand management. Complete your ORM course online to ensure that when someone searches online, they get to see the best version of your brand.

Start Building & Marketing Your Online Reputation

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Frequently Asked Questions

To start watching the course, create an account. After that, go to the course page and purchase the course. As soon as you make the payment, you will find the Reputation Management (ORM) online course on your account dashboard under ‘My Courses’. When you click on the course name, you will be redirected to the course landing page. Click on ‘Resume Course’ to start watching.

You can learn brand management and reputation marketing and management by logging into your course account from your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer browser.

This online ORM course is self-paced. Since you have lifetime access to the lectures, you can learn Digital PR, brand management and more at your own convenience.

You will get access to tests that will help you assess and implement the ORM strategies that you’re learning during the course.

You can reach out on Our ORM subject matter experts are available anytime between Monday and Saturday and will solve all your doubts that surface during the course.
Yes. You can even save the certificate in a .pdf or .jpg format, which will make it easier for you to share.

Yes. When you’ve completed all the lectures and passed the tests, you will receive the Certificate of Completion. You can even save the certificate in a .pdf or .jpg format, which will make it easier for you to share. Please check if all the lectures listed under the course content have been marked as complete (look for a check mark against every lecture).

After watching all the lectures, you have to achieve a minimum score of 80% in the final test to get the Certificate of Completion. Please check your score for the final test. If it’s lower than 80%, you will have to retake the test.
You can attempt the final quiz a maximum of 3 times.
We’re extremely happy to know that you’re enjoying the online ORM course. To rate and review the course, you can go to the online course dashboard. In the course player, click on Leave a rating.
On your account dashboard, you will find the Referral Program. There will be a link that you can share with as many people as you want.
When you get someone to enroll with one or more of IIDE’s online courses, you enjoy discounts on your own purchases. You also get first access to any new courses that IIDE will create in the future. You can find more information about this here.
By any chance, if you feel that the course has not met your expectations, you can let us know by filling out this form within 7 days of your purchase. Our academic counsellor will reach out to gather feedback and provide the best possible solution. If that doesn’t work, we will refund the entire amount to you within 3-7 working days.
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