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Instagram & Facebook Ads: 5-Day Online Workshop

Learn how to create targeted ROI-driven Instagram and Facebook Ad Campaigns to boost brand awareness, acquire quality leads and get repeated sales.

11,872 students | 2340 reviews | 4.6
11,872 students | 4.5

This workshop is for you if:

About The Workshop

Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms where users are introduced to new things. Hence, for businesses of any size, Instagram & Facebook Ads are one of the quickest ways to reach potential customers across the world. IIDE’s online Instagram & Facebook Ads workshop follows a ‘do-as-you-learn’ approach and is designed with extensive real-life examples put together right from the trainer’s personal experience. 

Start Date: 18th January
Duration: 5 days
LIVE Sessions On: Monday, Wednesday & Friday

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads Beginners
  • Start-up owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Managers & Digital Media Buyers
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Digital Marketing & Advertising Students
  • Business Owners looking to boost ROI
  • Marketers attempting Blueprint Certification
  • Small Business Owners looking to expand
  • Instagram & Facebook Ads Manager
  • Media Buyer
  • Social Media Specialist
  • A Facebook account
  • Debit card, credit card, or any other payment method
  • Website or landing page is not mandatory but would be beneficial
  • Laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet
  • Good Internet Connection

How does this Workshop work

Our model of Instagram & Facebook Ads workshop is divided into two parts — Pre-Recorded Video Modules and LIVE Sessions. 

Video Modules

5 modules of a total length of up to 4 hours are distributed over 5 days. You get access to 1 module every day. Mandatory to complete lectures & assignments for Certificate.

Live Sessions

There will be 3 live sessions of 1 hour each on Day 1, Day 3, and Day 5. You can share your doubts and queries with our Facebook & Instagram Ads expert, Karan.

Workshop Content

The workshop is designed for beginners and intermediates. In this workshop, we will gradually progress from setting up your ad account to learning more advanced topics like ad analytics. The content has been broken down into 5 modules that you will learn over a period of 5 days.

Day 1:
18th January

Setting up your Facebook & Instagram Ads base

Learn how Instagram & Facebook collect and use audience data, get a detailed walkthrough of the Facebook Ads Manager, learn how to set up your ad account and define your ad objectives.

LIVE Query Solving Session with Karan Shah

Day 2:
19th January

Creating Your Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign​

Learn how to target your existing customer database and find potential customers on the basis of their demographics, life events, and much more.

Day 3:
20th January

Targeting & Ad Placements​​

Find out how you can further fine-tune your audience as per your requirements and where place your ads based on your objective so that you achieve optimal result.

LIVE Query Solving Session with Karan Shah

Day 4:
21st January

Facebook & Instagram Ads Formats

Get familiar with all the different ad formats provided by Instagram & Facebook. Further understand when and how to use which ad format to obtain desired results.

Day 5:
22nd January

Ads Tracking & Optimization

Understand what happens after your Ad goes live, learn how to analyze your ads’ performance, and discover how to 3x your sales by using tips & tricks shared by Karan.

LIVE Query Solving Session with Karan Shah

Create ROI-driven Instagram & Facebook Ad Campaigns


About The Instructor

Karan Shah is a tech enthusiast, a public speaker, and the founder of the Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE). He has worked for top Digital Marketing Agencies including Social Kinnect where he created and implemented digital marketing strategies for clients like Havmor Ice-Creams, Taj Hotels, Murcia Handbags, and many more. For the last 8 years, his teaching efforts have impacted thousands of lives by managing to train 50,000+ students and corporations online and offline making him the ideal person to learn Instagram and Facebook Advertising from.

Instagram Marketing and Facebook Ads Course Instructor - Karan Shah



What Does This Workshop Include?

What the course includes:


Add it to your wall of fame or share with your LinkedIn connections — IIDE’s certificate serves as a testament to the knowledge and skills you have gained.

It is mandatory for all the students to complete all the lectures and pass all the tests in order to earn this certificate.

Guaranteed Outcomes

This Online Instagram & Facebook Ads workshop teaches you not only the technical aspects of how to run Instagram and Facebook Ad campaigns but also helps you create ad creatives and copies that compel people to click on the ad. Over and above, with this online Instagram & Facebook Ads workshop, you will learn more about delivering an engaging user experience. By the end of this workshop, you will know:

Grow Your Business 5x With Instagram & Facebook Ads

Frequently Asked Questions

The workshop starts on 18th January and will end on 22nd January.
No. As of now, there is only one batch available which will start on 18th January.
No. All the content is divided into 5 modules that you can watch over a period of 5 days. One module is unlocked every day. The module for the next day will be unlocked only if you complete all the lectures in the module for the previous day. You also need to take the practice test and complete the assigned tasks. 
Let’s understand with a small example. The first module will unlock on Day 1. There are six videos in that module and one practice test. You have watched all the six videos but haven’t taken the practice test. Hence, you will not be able to unlock the module for Day 2. 
No, even if you complete everything under Module 1 on Day 1, we don’t want you to rush your learning. Hence, Day 2’s module will unlock on Day 2 only.
Yes. If you fall sick or are unable to attended the workshop, you can extend your access to all course material for ₹500 per week.
The LIVE Sessions will be held from 9 PM IST to 10 PM IST on alternate days.
  1. Day 1 i.e. January 18th
  2. Day  3  i.e. January 20th
  3. Day  5 i.e. January 22nd

You can start watching the Pre-Recorded Lectures from your mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop browser.

You can attend the LIVE Session from any of your mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Just make sure it has the ZOOM app and a good internet connection.

Yes. You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the workshop. You can even save the certificate in a .pdf or .jpg format, which will make it easier for you to share.

Yes. You will get access to the recordings of the LIVE Sessions so  that you can revisit the tips and strategies shared by the trainer. 

Yes. There are multiple practice tests and assignments to ensure that you can apply what you are learning.

Sorry! unfortunately we do not offer refunds on any of our workshops. However, we do have a 7 day refund policy on other all our courses.

Since this is a workshop, you get access to all the lecture material & resources till January 31, 2021.

No. We are strictly against piracy, hence, you will not be allowed to download any of the videos. You can read our Terms & Conditions to know more about the actions we take against piracy.

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